Program 2023/2024

The church of the later day saints
Sarsfield Road
Wilton, Cork

12th September 2024 TBD

9th May 2024

1th April, 2024 Larry Jordan-Railways and Genealogy: History and Emigration

14thMarch 2024 AGM and Olive Coleman different way to do family history.

February 8th 2024 Tony McCarthy Burke's Irish Landed Gentry, and some other interesting books available free online

January cancelled due to icy weather

14th December 2023 December 14th. Meeting. Speaker Colette Jordan. Social Historian will speak on "Servants in the Big House"

9th November 2023 Rory Bunce. Cork County library

Workshop 16th November

12th October 2023 TBD Julianna Minihan :- William Goff Beale who died 1924 Workshop Thursday 19th. 

14th September 2023 A few ways to Bind up your family history Olive Coleman Workshop Thursday 21st.

11thMay 2023     Helen Sisk :-Business records.

13th April   2023   John O'Connell. Researching the O’Connell family. Title - A buccaneering Cork Priest who ended up ministering in the Americas in the mid 19th Century.
(Members of the Donoughmore O’Connell family emigrated to North Carolina before the famine. While researching this family I discovered that one of them had written a history of Catholicity in the Carolina's. The Cork priest is mentioned in that publication.

Sat 11th March 2023 Conference 23 Family Matters €25 Light lunch included

9th February Bridget Goulding Fallen leaves

12th January 2023 AGM and short talk by Pat Murphys, " Just a Few Murphys"

8th December 2022 meeting cancelled due to bad weather warning

10th November 2022 Karen O'Riordan Registry of deeds

6th October 2022 8.00pm Ann-Marie Coghlan:-What's new - an update of local and online information for Cork family research

1st September 2022 8.00 pm Richard Forrest :-Townlands

2019-2020 season cancelled due to covid restrictions

12th January 2021 no meeting

10th December 2020 no meeting

12th November 2020 no meeting

8th October 2020 no meeting

10th September 2020 no meeting

14th May 2020 no meeting

9th April 2020 cancelled due to covid-19

12th March 2020 cancelled due to covid-19

13th February 2020  Richard Forrest “Blarney Parish Records” A  case study of an individual parish. 

9th Janaury 2020 AGM

12th December Tony McCarthy Brehon Law

14th November Ronnie Herlihy

10th October Mark Elms Mary Elm's 'Irish Oskar Schindler' 

12th September 2019 Karen O'Riordan Land Divisions in Family History

9th May 2019 Bernard Hall, Tancred, A Man From Cork? Part Two.

11th April Speaker Jim Murphy. "White Slaves or Indentured Servants"

14th March 2019 Con McCarthy. Desertserges/Enniskeane Parish from early times. Details of a west cork parish includes local families and places to be confirmed)

14th February Speaker Dan Healy. School records what is available where are they.

10th January 2019 AGM

13th December 2018 Show and Tell

8th November 2018 Laura Moloney. The Wonder of the Irish Naming System - patterns and usage.

11th October 2018 Michael Lenihan An illustrated talk using images of Cork prior to 1918.

13th September 2018 Paul McCotter will fill in instead "Irish surnames" 

10th May 2018 'Show and Tell' by members - a practical session on useful skills and sharing trees. Ann Marie is doing a quick once over of the DNA Cork Projects that she manages.

12th April 2018 Bernard Hall.'From Cork to Cape Town, in pursuit of Dr Tancred (1804-1867)'  

 My great-great grandfather born  in Cork in 1804 into a Catholic family moved to England and became a C of E curate at Christchurch after eloping with a nun, as one does; he ended his days as a member of the first Cape Parliament. His life and turbulent times are not without interest. 

24th March 2018 Conference

8th February 2018 FAMILY HISTORY CURIOSITIES.Strange and Interesting finds when conducting family history research.Speaker.Karen O'Riordan Local Studies Library.Cork County Library.

11th January 2018 AGM 

14th December 2017 David Ryan 'The Battle of Baker's Bridge: Uncovering Civil Unrest in 1930s North Cork'​

9th November 2017 Denise Gabuzda The history of the Quakers in Cork

12th October 2017 Brian McGee Chief Cork City and County Archives, Archivist - workhouse/poor law union records

14th September 2017 Margaret Lantry "Records of the South Parish, Cork: their scope and content"?

11th May 2017 Michael Keane From the Family Tree to Book Publication: 'From Laois to Kerry', with a little bit of Cork.

13th April 2017 Ronnie Herlihy St Josephs Cemetery

9th March 2017 Lorna Maloney O'Kief, Coshe Mang, Slieve Lougher and the Upper Blackwater in Ireland 

9th February 2017 Margaret Lantry Directories

12th January 2017   AGM

8th December 2016 Tony Harpur "From Kerry to Imokilly - The descendants of Sir Maurice FitzRichard Fitzgerald,2nd Knight of Kerry ,in County Cork."

November 10th, 2016 Claire Bradley Chair of I G RS. "Catholic Parish registers on line."

October 13th, 2016  Gerard O'Rourke Author "History of life in an Irish rural Parish"...Ancient Sweet Donoughmore

September..8th. Jean Prendergast  'Tracing a Munster Fusilier in World War One.'

May 12th 2016 DNA discussion

April 14th 2016 John O'Connell "THE CLANCY'S OF BANDON IN THE AMERICAS."

Three members of that family helped to almost destroy the church there.A member of the Cantillon family (from Bandon?) was also involved.It may be a bit heavy but it is an amazing story.

February 11th 2016 Tony McCarthy "Writing down your family history".

January 14th 2016 AGM

December 10th 2015 Fiona Fitzsimons. Urchins & orphans: tracing records of children in care in Ireland 1840 to 1952

November 12th 2015 Karen O'Riordan "Why I can't find my ancestors"

October 8th 2015 Margaret Lantry "Genealogical material in the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society Journals."

September 10th 2015 John O'Connell "Post famine evictions in Donoughamore"

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