Notes from Conference 2015

Roz McCutcheon's notes

Link to Roz McCutcheons Handout on the registry of deeds

Registry of Deeds

Registry of Deeds Project Search

Form for requesting a deed below. Don't use Chrome you can't read it, use Firefox or other browser.

Memorial_Copy_Application_Form_ROD (1).pdf Memorial_Copy_Application_Form_ROD (1).pdf
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 Ann Marie Couglan's Notes

Civil records



Probate records will calendars

Military records



school records

Folklore projects

national archives


union records

Coast guard records

Newspapers on line

Reference books

Library archives

Tree building and using DNA

Tony McCarthy's notes

British Parliamentary Paper website  

ProQuest link

Blue books

Seasonal papers

Claire Bradley's notes

Keep in mind the latin first names when researching (extracts only)
www.ireland.anglicartorgiabout/168 (digitized plus pdf)
www.presbyterianhistoryireland.corniour-services/family-history/ id=6800 IGRS Presbyterian Colporteur's Dublin notebook 1875  

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