We in Cork Genealogy Society have reached a milestone this week as we celebrate our 30th anniversary. It was on the 15th March 1994 we held our very first meeting. The meeting was held to see if there was an interest in genealogy in the community. There was over 50 at our first meeting and so we began. We have come a long way since then and there has been so many changes. Back in 1994 we had to travel four or more hours to Dublin and search the records using a microfiche. What often took most of the year back then, to do what can now be done in minutes. We cannot imagine what it will be like in another 30 years. We welcome and embrace technology.


Our 30th AGM was held on Thursday 14th March 2024. Many of our founding members are no longer with us but were remembered. A big thanks was made to some of the founder members who are still today involved in CGS and have helped the society grow, develop and change over the past 30 years. A special thanks was given to the members of the committee for the past year. A committee for the incoming year was voted in with the support of the members in attendance at the AGM.  


The Skibbereen Heritage Centre has been working with Cork County Council. Together they have been digitising and uploading the burial registers for Cork to their site. The registers cover the burial grounds under the control of the Council. It does not include burial grounds under the control of the church. It also does not include early registers that may have got lost over time. It is worth remembering there were many burials before the start of this data base. The good news is there has been 15 more burial registers this month and all are free to search and see the images. The timeline of each burial register is clear on the website. Do keep in mind that your ancestor may fall outside of the time covered in the registers. This database is easy to search, and you can click to see the digital copy of the page of the register. Search for free on www.SkibbHeritage.com Enjoy your discoveries.